Welcome to the third annual Just Space: A Social Justice Conference. Take a look around the website, submit a program proposal, and ask us any questions you have. We hope you can join us!

This year’s conference focus is on just space. What are we taking for granted in our social justice work? Are our campus spaces and residence halls — bedrooms, common spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, meeting rooms — just spaces for engaging students and colleagues, or can they become just spaces? In this one day conference, we are interested in how you critically examine yourself, your institution, and your practices so that you might cultivate an environment, or Just Space, to discuss and dismantle the various structural systems of injustice facing our campuses today. From accessibility to cost, sanctuary campuses to the naming of buildings, gender inclusive spaces to staff training: how do you create inclusive, equitable environments where everyone — students, staff, faculty — are treated justly.